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Glimpse Into My Life

Crystal S. Kauffman-Amon (Previously married) is a proud mom of two young adults, who are busy chasing their own dreams. Her favorite hobby has always been writing, but she first became a published freelance author/poet/songwriter in 1996.

Additionally, as of the year 2003, she became cervical cancer survivor (stage 2-B), which led to the creation of the Laugh at Cancer Organization in 2008 and the Laugh at Cancer Support Community that has been shut down.

From 2005 to 2011, she decided to further her education, by enrolling and completing a writing course and then she completed two degree programs in college. She enjoys being with her family and helping others, as well as rescuing homeless animals and fostering them as needed.

Freelance Career

Ms. Crystal S. Amon has been completing quality freelance writing projects and designing business communications for online and offline clients since 2003. However, she did not take freelance writing serious as a career, until June 2012 when she began writing content for several websites online. She began networking with other freelance authors, who helped her in furthering her writing career and skills.

Currently, she is an seasoned Freelance Author and Copywriter, who has also become a published author and poet since 1996. She individually designs and creates different types of business communications which is able to help the client convey their message about their products and services. In 2007, she became a newly published songwriter, as s blogger in her free time. She designed and created her first published personal blog. This blog was redesigned and is now sharing her new poetry.

Today, Ms. Amon has over sixteen years of freelance writing experience, which makes her a valuable asset to any of her potential client and authors. in addition, she has been building websites and blog professionally, since the early stages of her freelance writing career. She decided to further her education, which allowed her to build a stronger skill set and establish a lasting career as a freelance author.

Freelance Services

She can meet all of her clients communication needs online and offline. Ms. Amon will create copy for individuals and small businesses, as well as create book reviews for authors. Please contact Crystal immediately if you need help with any freelance writing project or maybe you want to join her a mentorship program. She will work side by side with you until the entire project is completed.

Thankfully, many different clients and authors have allowed Ms. Amon to complete their projects already and many continue to contact her still whenever they need well written blogs or web content in a timely manner. Along the span of her career, she gained many clients and authors who have allowed her to gain valuable experience in the freelance writing world.

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For an honest yet affordable estimate for your next freelance writing project, please contact Crystal S. Amon. She is also on Facebook and Facebook Messenger, so come chat with her about your project or book.
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Provided Services

Press Releases
Fliers (Online/Offline)
Web Content
Informational Articles
Currents News Article
Inspirational Articles
Motivational Articles
Pets Articles
Ocean Animals
Senior Care Issues
Women’s Health Issues
Greeting Cards

Personalized Poetry
Social Networking
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Product Reviews
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Blog Pages
Blog Management
Building Websites

Please contact Ms. Crystal S. Kauffman for a affordable estimates on her freelance writing services. Each project will vary and please specify if you need need assistance online or offline.

Thank you for your consideration.

Crystal S. Amon’s Freelance Writing Resume


Blogging-(2007 till Present) I built my two personal blogs in 2007, but I have rebuilt them many times over the past eleven years. Basically, I enjoy writing on assorted topics and diverse issues. I also manage my blog’s guest bloggers and approve the blog postings after they are submitted. However, I currently work as a guest blogger for a couple of different blog owners.

Ghostwriting Ads for Small Businesses Owners (2009-Present) I wrote ads, designed fliers, and created brochures for different business professionals. I worked with the client, so I could clearly convey the company’s message through written advertisements and creating quality brochures or fliers. These completed ads are given directly to the client, who generally decided where the advertisement would be used online or offline.

Freelance Writing (2003-Present) Helping clients with online and offline by completing freelance writing projects or advertising projects. Additionally, I helped out with other forms of business communications, whether online or offline. I built websites and created social media accounts, in order to help the client learn different ways of communicating with potential customers. I sent and wrote emails for clients to advertise their products or services with, while teaching the client how to manage their social media accounts. I wrote press releases and web content, which were usually placed on the client’s blog or web site.

Write W.A.V.E. Media (Present Day) I am a network contributor, who enjoys writing on various topics like: animals and crime as well as other topics. I advertise my writing on several social networks and other advertising platforms.

Yahoo! Contributor Network (July 2007-Until Network was Closed) I was a writing contributor on several topics like: wild animals, ocean animals, freelance writing tips, healthcare issues, and diverse verses of poetry. I was responsible for contributing well written articles for publishing within the community’s network. Additionally, I was responsible for marketing my work on social networks and other networks to advertise links to my published content and poetry.

Helium (2007-Closed) I worked as a contributing writer for the Helium Community, until it closed down a few years ago. I created articles on various topics within the writing community. I also rated articles from my peers and entered contests, which I actually won twice. I advertised my own writing links on social media and other advertising platforms.

University of Phoenix
Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2011

University of Phoenix
Associate’s Degree in Arts of Business in 2008

Institute of Children’s Literature
Freelance Writing Course for Children and Teenagers 2006