Picking Up My Crown

By, Crystal S. Amon

I won’t allow you to tear me down,

Never again will I forget my crown.

You chose to play my with my heart and mind, 

Now, I am free and I have put you far behind.

Stay man, don’t come back and beg for another try,

I will laugh until it is you who is the last to cry. 

I broke through all the pain and rose beyond the call, 

I choose to never again allow you to let me fall. 

Your not even worth another tear of mine,

I proved I don’t need you, not one silver dime.

My worth was clouded by your choice to tear me apart.

Today, you have no place within my heart.

Walk away and live with the choices you made,

My heart will never be cut again by your silver blade.

Judgements and rejections are all I knew,

During this selfish dance I spent time with you.

Copyright 2020