Recovering after Illness

By, Crystal S. Amon

Recovering from an illness or injury can be a long and difficult process. After a prolonged period of convalescence, it’s normal to want to get back into the workforce and take on a new job. For many, returning to work is not only an important part of regaining independence but can also provide much-needed structure, socialization, and financial stability.

The good news is that most employers are happy to give people recovering from illnesses or injuries a chance. Here are some tips for making your transition back into the workplace easier:

  1. Speak to your doctor about the type of job you should pursue – Depending on your medical condition and recovery status, certain types of work may not be suitable for you at this stage. Be sure to get your doctor’s opinion before looking for employment so you know what kind of positions might fit your needs best.
  2. Get connected with relevant support services – Many areas offer services such as employment programs specifically designed to assist people in recovering from illness or injury return to work safely and successfully. Make use of these resources and tap into the knowledge available through them.
  3. Research potential employers – Research employers before applying so you know which ones are likely to be accommodating with regard to hours and tasks, based on your specific needs and limitations related to recovery or disability.
  4. Consider alternative job options – Think outside the box when considering employment options post-recovery; think temporary, part-time or contract work that allows more flexibility if needed while getting back up to speed after recovery.
  5. Create a resume/CV – Use keywords relevant to the types of jobs you’re applying for and highlight any skills that make you unique in relation to other applicants who don’t have an illness/injury history – especially if these skills are transferable from activities during recovery such as online classes, volunteer experience etc..
  6. Talk about it in interviews – In most cases, there is no need to share detailed medical information with prospective employers, but don’t shy away from mentioning your medical history if asked about any gaps in work experience due to illness/injury – emphasizing the growth and progress you made during recovery will likely put their mind at ease regarding potential workplace concerns related to taking care of yourself appropriately if re-hired (with permission).

Returning to work following illness or injury is never easy; however, taking it step by step, utilizing available support services and creating tailored resumes can all make the process simpler in time for finding meaningful employment post-recovery!

Copyrighted by, Crystal S. Amon, 2023