Finding a Pet Sitter

Choosing a Pet Sitter

You may consider hiring a pet sitter, whenever you need to go out of town for a weekend or longer. There are several options that will help you find a sitter like asking family or friends, which may allow you to save money. Many times someone you know will stay at your house and watch your pets while you’re away. However, you can find help online and here are some tips before you pick one. 

Finding a Pet Sitter 

You can find many local qualified sitters on, which are waiting for you to connect with them. Before booking your pet, be sure to engage in conversation with them about possibly accommodating your needs  and your beloved pets’ needs.

Meet and Greet 

Get to know them by visiting their home and seeing how many animals they own as well. Let your pet meet them, because animals are good judges of characters. Ask questions about your pets’ possible stay and ask lots of them. 

Ask for References 

Ask the sitter if they’ve ever been a pet sitter before or is this a new experience. Be sure to call any reference they give you and ask them questions about their pets stay. Find out all you can about the sitter before leaving your pet with them. 

Ask for Random Photos

Whenever you drop off your pet, be sure to ask for random pictures of your pet throughout the day. This way absolutely you know your pet is safe and happy with the new pet sitter. These random pictures should feature feeding time, play time, bath time if included, and other random moments throughout the day and night. 

Give a Review

If you choose a pet sitter off of, be sure to leave a review of your pets experience with the sitter. This will be helpful for other pet owners who are looking for a pet sitter. The reviews will help them find the perfect yet most qualified local pet sitter as well. Your review is important, so don’t forget to leave one.

Good luck on finding the right pet sitter!

Copyrighted by, Crystal Amon, 2023