Forgiving Someone


Learning to forgive someone is not an easy thing to do, especially if it involves a good friend or family member who hurt you in some way. They may continue to deny hurting you or say you did wrong to them. However, you may need to try to openly discuss the entire situation with your loved one, but they may not want to address the issue.

Don’t despair because you are not able to just talk it out amongst yourselves. Maybe they will come around one day, but not right now but you can still offer forgiveness. First, you must just learn to forgive their behavior despite the pain it has caused you. Sometimes, you will have to walk away with it unsolved, if the person doesn’t want to talk about it and fix the issue.

Don’t waste your breath, because they refuse to listen to you. Instead, you must still find a way to totally forgive them despite the pain that was caused by your loved one. Second, remember that you at least tried to fix your relationship by discussing the issues. Honestly, you must be able to forgive them, in order for you to be at peace in your own heart.

Remember that you didn’t deserve the painful situation, so you may be dealing with constant anger from the hurt that you feel. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you may have deserved that type of behavior from a loved one, but instead it means you don’t have to dwell on the pain anymore.. You can freely accept that you are capable of giving complete forgiveness, which will bring you a peaceful life despite the issues that you faced with your loved one.

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Crystal Amon

Copyrighted May 2023