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Social Issues Articles

Donate Your Unused Gift Cards


FROG: Fully Resting On God

Short Stories

I’m Squished

Finding Discovery Park

OH…No Mommy Has Cancer

Freddie’s Birthday Mess

Big Red Monster

Angel Abigail

Rescuing Brandie

Pet Related Articles

Animal Lover’s Needed Desperately

Charging Deposits for Animals

Pet Parents: Help for First Coast Area Families With Animal Care and Food

Self-Help Articles

Get Over It and Move On

Removing Negative Labels From Your Life

Forgiving Ourselves and Others

Change Your Future

Cost of a Rumor

Health Related Articles

Coping With Cancer’s Touch

Mental Health and Stress Level Can Affect a Person’s Health

PillPack: Let Them Sort Out Your Medication For You

Articles About Animals

Meet the Liger Article

12 Unique Hybrid Animals Article

Giant Pandas

South Florida’s New Threat: Burmeses Python

Ocean/Marine Biology Articles

Learn All About Bull Sharks

Whale Sharks: Gentle Giants

Mako Sharks: The Fastest Shark Species

Articles About Seniors

Finding Senior Friendly Vacation Destinations

Creating a Plan for Aging Loved Ones

How to Combat Depression in Aging Parents


Devastating End to a 27 year-old Mystery

An Amber Alert Has Been Issued For Lonzie Barton

Has the Truth About Little Lonzie Bartons Death Come Out

Police and Friends are Desperatly Seeking Gina “Michelle” Ennis

Gang Violence Claims Another Life

Baby Jane Doe is Still Unidentified!

Baby Jane Doe Has Been Identified as Bella Bond

Help Complete the Flight 93 Memorial

Bonnie Lynn Pascuito Haim: Missing Since 1993

Celebrity News

Bobbie Christina Brown: A Toxic Cocktail Killed Her

Caitlyn Jenner: Transforming into a Woman